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Money is a token of cooperation: The biology of indirect exchanges

Jose Maanmieli 

Social destructionism: Psychosis and the limits of dialogue

Jose Maanmieli and Karoliina Maanmieli

The nature of kinship terms: From mum and dad to god and society

Jose Maanmieli

Children’s pretence: A scientific perspective on social reality

Jose Maanmieli and Karoliina Maanmieli


A descriptive explanation of morality

Jose Maanmieli

Editorial statement: Our journal invites contributions that are consistent with or otherwise address our foundational papers, published above. Due to the universality of the conceptual issues we have treated, no field is excluded as long as it is relevant to the human animal. The writings (articles, commentary, essays, etc.) must be of academic level. Any formatting and referencing standard is accepted if it is consistent throughout the manuscript. 

Our articles are always open for peer-review. The works can be updated to increasing levels of completion. Changes are reflected on site to the extent that they are informative and constructive. We ask reviewers’ permission to include their own identity for transparency. However, their contributions are recorded internally and reflected (e.g. through their institutional affiliation). This increases trust in the validity of our publications.

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