The purpose of this page is to publish all kinds of resources for those rare thinkers and researchers who seek a unity of heart and mind. Those who take a curious and creative approach to the truth know that it isn’t a matter of right and wrong but, rather, of being able to see more clearly. They know that this comes about by picking the most relevant information from each field and discarding the minutiae, just as when one recognises a painting. Good explanations not only connect reason with emotion, they also concern reality and achieve a greater, demonstrable precision, such as in modern physics.

 Thus, those who think that ‘science’ is accurate miss a very important point. They also tend to say that the internet has weakened our ability to think for ourselves when, in fact, the opposite is the case. The more we are able to see for ourselves, the more obvious it becomes that we are not thinking for ourselves. They say that the openness of the internet is anarchic, destructive to knowledge, when, again, the opposite it the case.
We do not oppose those people here, but try to explain why they keep mistaking thinking for following standards. The same explanation should also be able to show why the future of knowledge transcends any institution, and the future of scholarship is independence. This will come about much in the way one is able to see the ruins of Athens from a distance, unlike those who seek refuge in its buildings.
So, this page becomes a public forum from where the sophisticated practices of the modern academia may become accessible and lose their traditional immunity to criticism. Nothing much has changed since the days of Ancient Greece with its differences of opinion between the likes of Plato, Aristotle and Diogenes. Who doesn’t know one of these characters personally. Nothing has changed much, except the sheer size of our city-states. Why?
In the last two years, I have tried unsuccessfully to find academic publishing for a new theory of the human condition that explains what is happening in clear and consistent terms. It may be that it is misled, and you would think that I would most readily find out from the experts. These answers, however, haven’t been forthcoming, and not for a lack of trying. The negative responses I keep receiving are also very interesting in themselves, and I am willing to share them, respectfully, because they provide the kind of evidence that we need to understand our condition precisely.
In this light, I hope that you will enjoy these pages and that I can inspire you to pursue this sort of internet scholarship. I welcome your contributions and feedback.
Jose Maanmieli

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