Alethes.net is a research project devoted to the study of human nature. Its foundational articles outline a new scientific theory and a wide field of inquiry. We examine the fundamentals of science and the humanities through the vantage point of our personal lives, providing integration among disciplines.
We suggest that biology, the study of life, be understood broadly, as a field which provides the kind of answers that have been traditionally expected from philosophy. Biology provides the necessary conceptual grounding to avoid getting lost in formal abstractions. Our research covers psychology, anthropology, biology and linguistics primarily, but also economics, psychiatry, art, literature and other fields.
We are located in the university town of Jyväskylä

The original meaning and essence of truth in Ancient Greece was aletheia: disclosure, unconcealment, the bringing of what was previously hidden into the open. This meaning is different from the common interpretation of the term as correctness or certainty, which is burdened by moral assumptions that go deep into our nature. This is the central significance of our project, one that spans the entire production of knowledge but focuses on humanity.



Jose Maanmieli